He Said Yes.

Since I’d lived in Yeonnam-dong, one of the hottest places in Hongdae, I’ve found many restaurants which have excellent rates. Especially, there are tons of great restaurants right back from my home. And I went “He Said Yes.” at the time.

Actually, I have been there many times. So all menus – are very familiar with me. Well, I am eager and hesitate to say at the same time, but everybody had their lazy days. Especially for weekends, right? So I straightly go to the restaurant whenever I feel lazy. 🙂 The day was the time I did not want to cook and find some special restaurants.

As you go inside with the excited hunger, you can see those interiors with gorgeous marbled decorations at first. I cannot believe right back from my home this beautiful restaurant there. Honestly, I do not want to recommend to anyone this restaurant! – I don’t wanna stand a line for having a brunch!

You will see the modern History

Compared with Gangnam, Yeonnam-dong is not a luxurious area of everything. So it is much more comfortable to enjoy foods, cultures and people. Well, for the design of the menu, it had been hand-written by Mr. Yes. But as you see above, it was printed and much better to read, which means I could see the histories of the restaurants. And so do other restaurants at Yeonnam-dong.

When it comes to the dish plating, I cannot say anything, but incredible! How cute they are with those neat spoon, chopsticks, glasses and coster. We completed to order The boiled pork belly with soy sauce/rice and Cream udon with pollack roe. And the side dish, the peeled tomato, is my favorite one.

If you visit Korea and Hongdae, why don’t you take the modern history?


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